Hi, I'm courtney

Welcome to my online home!

I want to welcome you to my first Website!  I finally got around to creating something where I can share my art, ideas, creative processes and all my other hobbies in between.  Along with my personal adventures with my family and if I’m lucky, travel.  And, hopefully, where you can find some art that you love.

I am originally from the Washington, D.C. area but now live near Austin, TX where I attended the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology.  I have a little house in the suburbs…too far away from the city, if you ask me.  I think a lot of artists love the quiet and solitude of the country or woods.  But, I’m the opposite.  I love the color, smells, commotion of a big city though I do love to get away now and then to the beach or mountains.  

I live with my husband and two boys, one who just started driving and the next thing I know, he will be all moved out.  And, another who is almost in middle school.  I have two dogs who never seem to stop barking, keeping me in heart palpitations.

I hope you enjoy my site as well as sharing my artistic adventures.  Thank you for being here!


The road to being an artist for me wasn’t always an easy one.  Sometimes it was completely non-existent (like for 20 years).  I spent the majority of my young life doing art, especially pencil drawing.  I was pretty good too winning a couple of awards.  But, like most of us who were taught art, it was very rigid and the only good art was realistic art.  I just couldn’t compete.  I was decent, but I wasn’t good enough.  Even at a young age, I was realistic enough with myself to know I wouldn’t succeed at art.  

After moving to Texas, I don’t think I picked up a pencil or sketch pad again for about 20 years.  I got busy with college, boys, working, having fun, getting married, having kids…you know the drill.  It’s amazing how quickly dreams of our youth are forgotten.

It really wasn’t until right before the birth of my second son that I had had it with corporate life.  It was just too stressful, especially for me in lobbying.  I decided to give it all up with the help of my husband and go back to school to get certified in landscape design.  I wanted to create beautiful landscapes.  I loved art and I loved to garden.  This is what drew me back into art again.  Drawing my landscape designs.  It’s when I got that yummy taste back of buying art supplies.  But, it ended as quickly as it began.  As soon as I was getting my business going, here comes boy #2.  He was high needs, so no work for old mom.

Boredom quickly set in and I decided I would photograph my children and learn some digital scrapbooking for memories.  This quickly, OH so VERY quickly turned into not only a huge hobby, but I ended up a digital scrapbook designer.  I focused mainly on the artistic, mixed media and art journaling aspects of scrapbooking.  I did this for 7 years.  It was fun, a LOT of fun.  I created things from scratch with art supplies and converted them digitally into my work.

After 7 years, I decided it was time.  Ok, I didn’t decide.  My husband decided for me, that it was time to sell my art.  I would start doing some art shows and test the waters.  I actually did about the same financially as selling my digital work.  Now, here I am a year later of “testing the waters” with a Website, an Etsy store and dragging reluctantly my feet back into the social media world…yes, I did say I was reluctant.  I have been spending more time getting the business aspect ready, I haven’t done much in regards to art, but oh do I have the creative bug!

You may be able to see the top right corner where it says 1985.  This was a picture I drew in high school of one of my favorite singers of the time, Paul Weller.


The better question is, why not?  There are so many pros to being a mixed media artist, I’m not even sure where to begin.  I honestly can’t even remember when I really delved deeply into it.  It started with my digital scrapbooking/art journaling, but it sort of just evolved into it.

I have always been drawn to ‘raw’ art.  This art that doesn’t feel contrived or art that is too realistic.  I love realism too.  Heck I pretty much love all art.  But, there is just something about mixed media.  It’s not just the abstract; it’s about using what you have on hand…recycling and reusing; though that doesn’t stop me from buy art supplies whenever I have the chance!

Mixed media art can be slightly chaotic, kind of like my thought process ha ha.  I have a habit of going from one thing to the next without finishing the first.  I have 10 ideas in my head and want to do them all at once, so I do a little of each until I’m done.  My art is the same way.  You can see it when I rapidly change from one style to another.  

There are many artists who remain fairly consistent in regards to their art through the years.  I don’t.  Mine is constantly changing with each new discovery or interest or inspiration.  On top of it, I want to fill my house with my art, but I don’t want it all looking the same.  Mixed media gives me great flexibility in regards to that.  In my house you will see mixed media faces, charcoal drawings, ink sketches, abstracts, etc.

I also believe that anyone can be an artist.  Through mixed media and art journaling, you can be expressive and creative without having to feel tied within a little box of realistic creativity…does that make sense?  I just feel…free when I have several different tools on one hand to create one project.  Not being tied down to what I “should” be using.

A Loose Woman by Courtney Dixon 2018