Here you will find all my art work that I have created and have for sale.  If there are any pieces of art that you are interested in, simply click on the image and it will bring you directly to where it is in my Etsy Shop.  For Now I just sell prints, but once I get more art on canvas, I will be selling original pieces as well since I put most of my art on old vintage papers, cardboard, etc.  Recycle…Reuse!

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” – Bob Ross


A listing of my most recent works.


The “Unfinished Woman” is meant as both literally and metaphorically.  I created these women that look incomplete because we are never finished.  Women are constantly evolving, changing and growing.  As we age we grow wiser and more secure in ourselves.  But, do we ever stop growing and changing?  I don’t think so.  This art is that representation of ourselves, as women. 

Women on Vintage Paper Series

When I was doing digital memory keeping, I had loads and loads of vintage papers, sheet music, letters, etc.  I used them to create Photoshop brushes and use the papers in my art.  Instead of leaving them in my studio to collect dust, I decided to use them as a substrate for my art.  These women were mainly inspired by vintage photos from the 1900s. 


Here I created a few abstracts  just using my intuition with flow, texture and color.  I tried not to think about it at all and just let my hands do the work.  This is straight up acrylic on canvass.  I did not use any mixed media in these pieces.


I’m still learning charcoal and it’s a medium I have been growing to love.  I have a few more works, but they are still being worked on.  I’m also currently working on both of my children.

I took some charcoal classes online because I wanted to learn it.  I have always been resistant to charcoal from my youth because I never felt I was good it, it was messy and I felt like I had no control over the drawing like I did with a pencil.  But, mixed media IS messy and I no longer have these control impulses…well, not as much anyway.  So, I really wanted to give it a try.  I ended up quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how well I did it.  I always treated charcoal as a pencil.  But, in reality is a draw, smearing and taking away process.  I love it.

Inky Figures

I was practicing on my figure drawing the way I was taught in school, but boredom quickly set in and I thought how fun it would be to do fun poses in ink and spatter it!  I love how they turned out and they are hanging in my house as added interest to my walls.

My father a few years ago found all my large sketchbooks from school and sent them to me.  There were hundreds and hundreds of figure drawings.  Well, nothing realistic.  It’s a lot of very fast scribblings of figures as well as contour drawings.  These were conducted in mere seconds to get your hand and your mind well practiced in how to draw a figure with proper dimensions.  After the 100th, it gets quite tedious.  These inky contours took a bit more time than a few seconds.   The paper is also old, so I had to be careful using my fountain pen to draw these without tearing the paper.

Loose women

I don’t mean the “loose” in an inappropriate sense, but in regards to my art.  Many of these pieces were actually done as warm ups.  To loosen my hand and my mind before I work.  It’s a good way to not be so rigid when doing an art project or painting.  When one is taught for so long in art that realism is everything, it’s hard to let go of that and just let your art flow.  It’s hard to not be so controlling in what you do.  So, I do these periodic warm ups.  Strangely some of them I took to a liking so much, I thought I would see if anyone else loved them too.

They represent what I love about mixed media so well…the rawness of them.